St Martha's Bethany

St Martha's Bethany

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St. Martha's is snuggled into the quiet resort community of Bethany Beach about a block from the ocean. We are waiting for you.

St Martha’s Bethany Beach Church

st marthas bethany

At our cozy beach church with big hearts, you can hear the ocean as soon as you step into our parking lot!

Our church can be found nestled into Bethany Beach’s peaceful resort community, about one block from the ocean. We welcome everyone regardless of background or beliefs to come visit and feel at home in our faith community.

A cozy beach church with a big heart

Bethany Beach’s octagonal church stands as an impressive place of worship, offering classic interior design complete with large pipe organ and stained glass windows.

Recently, the church underwent extensive renovation and repointing work on its entranceway and renovation to its bell tower as well as replacing existing pews with brand new ones.

This church is an ideal choice for anyone searching for a place of worship and looking to connect with people who share similar beliefs. Their congregation is very welcoming, always open to welcoming newcomers into the fold.

St. Martha’s Bethany Parish offers many ministries and special events throughout the year to enhance your experience at St. Martha’s bethany.

Notable activities at Bethany Lutheran include weekly Eucharist services, monthly coffee hours and brunch/bingo events. Furthermore, our youth group The Bethany Team meets once monthly in our Youth Room.

Our major fundraiser, the annual Founders Day Dinner and Auction held each October, attracts local residents as well as visitors from throughout the region. All proceeds generated at this event go towards supporting Operation SEAS the Day, our Food Pantry, and various charitable causes in our region.

Seashell Ringers bell choir is one of our biggest draws! Rehearsals take place each Wednesday afternoon from 1 p.m., and they perform approximately six times annually with amazing music!

Church members also enjoy an annual craft fair held in their basement, making this event suitable for the whole family.

As our world continues to become more dependent on technology and the internet, it can be refreshing to have time and space to focus on our faith in a meaningful manner. One effective way is to read scriptures or participate in activities which help develop as Christians.

A place of vibrant spiritual growth

Mary of Bethany is revered by Christians worldwide as an extraordinary example of faith, serving as one of Jesus Christ’s earliest disciples and is commemorated on July 29 as well as with Martha and Lazarus; their feast day is also commemorated annually as they each promote spiritual development and are patron saints to those seeking growth spiritually.

Luke records how, on Jesus’ visit to Bethany, Mary sat at His feet and attentively listened to what He had to say. Unlike Martha who was consumed with domestic duties, Mary put all other tasks aside in order to focus her full attention on Him.

Her willingness to temporarily set aside her daily responsibilities and chores so she could focus on what was most important is an example for all of us that God can work in our lives when we open up our hearts to Him. By setting aside things we think are most essential, and prioritizing what really matters for ourselves instead, then our relationship with Jesus and ability to lead a Christian lifestyle will grow considerably.

Saint Mary’s Hall provides students with a distinctive environment to study and advance in their studies, offering a diverse selection of academic disciplines and athletics under one roof and encouraging collaboration among both faculty and students. Students at Saint Mary’s are both intellectually and socially engaged; taking risks academically as well as athletically is encouraged, and creating long-term friendships which go well beyond secondary education.

St. Mary’s Hall Music Program at St. Mary’s Hall offers undergraduate students an introduction to western civilization’s musical legacy through a curriculum comprising historical, theoretical and applied classes. Furthermore, St. Mary’s Hall celebrates creative spirit through musical performance.

As part of its educational mission, the Music department works in close conjunction with the Education Department to help ensure students are ready to sit for State of Texas teacher certification exams by completing required coursework and taking part in Texas Teacher Standards Assessment System (TSSA). Students also explore various musical traditions from past and present while engaging in conversations between faith and culture through performances and exhibits. Our music department has been accredited by National Association of Schools of Music.

A place of music

St. Martha’s not only offers some of the finest church music around; it also boasts an innovative community center with state-of-the-art features – the Bethany Center – including kitchen facilities, Sunday school room space, Rector and Parish Administrator offices, restrooms, sacristy space and reception area.

Remodeled church interior design boasts of cutting-edge technologies in lighting and audio/visual systems that showcase their dedication as staff and parishioners have helped create this vibrant church for over three decades.

Music is an integral part of our culture, and we’re fortunate to have several musical groups perform regularly at church. The Seashell Ringers meet every Wednesday afternoon from 1 to 2 p.m. for rehearsal and the bell choir rings six times annually during our 10 a.m. service (which hosts most congregational services each week).

We also boast an amazing organ that is both beautiful and functional – thanks to the generosity of many donors who have supported this project!

Notable church features include the Schola Gregoriana, which uses a computer program to display accurate and comprehensive Gregorian chants for every day of the year – an integral component of Catholic liturgy that has been part of St. Mary’s for more than 100 years.

Finally, our most iconic religious symbol is without question our stained glass window in the sanctuary. Here you can take in all of the most recent glass works and mosaics donated by local artists and volunteers.

Church is home to numerous notable items not featured on its website or brochure, such as its Greek cross edifice featuring three low reliefs and one impressive fluted pilaster that depict various episodes from Gospels related to Saint Martha and her sisters.

A place of community

Bethany community is a warm, friendly, and inviting space, whether you’re new to Antigonish or have been around forever – there’s something here for everyone – whether its meeting new friends, attending services, or participating in enriching programs. Our church provides an ideal space for doing all these things and more!

Come celebrate Mass with us every Sunday between 8 and 10 am! All are welcome from all faiths and backgrounds!

Our congregation includes women from a wide variety of fields, such as education, nursing, social work and the arts. Each vocation offers us an opportunity to love and serve our fellow humans – we believe everyone can become part of the Church and strive to offer an inclusive space where everyone feels welcome.

St Martha’s Bethany serves as a spiritual center for our congregation and wider Antigonish community, offering a peaceful space to pray and meditate in. This historic building has been lovingly restored into an accessible multi-use facility.

Since 1926, the Sisters of Saint Mary of Bethany have made this building their home. Over that time it has served as a vibrant center of life and prayer for its residents as well as visitors from across Canada looking for faith or support. Today the new Motherhouse, designed to resemble its past beauty, serves as a center for worship and prayer as well as housing the CSM Archives & Heritage Collection and Gathering Room – providing a home base for events such as meetings.

This stunning church serves as an inspiring venue to commemorate and share the faith of both the Sisters of St Mary of Bethany and Antigonish’s greater community. Offering safe spaces to meet other believers of similar faith, as well as hosting community activities like coffee house sessions or art exhibits, it makes an invaluable part of Antigonish life.

The Bible recounts the story of St Martha, who lived in Bethany near Jerusalem with her sister Mary and brother Lazarus. Martha was famous for her hospitality to Jesus as well as for tending to every detail of service; she was especially esteemed for her testimony of faith at a time when most Jews expected a military leader who could free them from Roman control.

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